The Basic Math Solutions Approach


Basic math solutions is an approach to math that is hands-on, visual and conceptually sound. It has been tests over years of close work with students who struggle and don’t struggle with math. It is not a series of tricks that work some of the time and leave students wanting in other areas and levels of math. It is an open ended system that links the basic math skills in an integrated manner so that relationships between the math skills can be seen and used to help kids do and understand math in both concrete and abstract terms.

Basic Math Solutions is founded on the belief that all students can learn when given the right tools and enough practice. The thought behind Basic Math Solutions is transformative because it has been applied in thousands of situations and it continues to breed insight and understanding to inspire kids to want to learn more.

Basic Math Solutions is organic. It arose out a need to help kids who were stuck because they were not able to retain math facts. This lead to a change in thinking about math, a new philosophy. It changed from helping kids to memorize math facts to helping kids solve math problems. The change in philosophy met with an unexpected result. Kids began to memorize math facts while doing math. The methods employed by Basic Math Solutions help create brain structures (schemas as Jean Piaget puts it) that allow students to store and retrieve math facts as they continue to surface while they perform math tasks. The barriers erected by an inability to memorize math facts is broken down creating a new love of learning. Students who continue to struggle to learn math facts are not hindered from advancing in math because the techniques taught are always available and at their side to aide anytime help is needed.

Basic Math Solutions is an innovative way to help all students do and understand math. Joins us in our journey of discovery to math possible for all kids.

My students went from far below basic to proficient or advanced proficient in less than ten months!

This is how I did it. I used circles and dots to teach kids how to solve basic math problems. This simple strategy led me to develop a system to get students to do math with amazing speed and accuracy. Students who were stuck because they did not know their math facts began to use this system to become successful in math.

Many students are not able to do basic math because they do not know basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. This deficiency, according to researchers, is an indicator of math difficulties throughout a child’s education. This does not have to be the case! The system I have developed bridges the gap between math success and failure.

I found a way to make students successful at math and at the same time create the ability for them to learn math facts. The secret is in getting students to do math as opposed to just memorizing math facts.

By doing math, brain structures are prepared for students to assimilate math facts. Basic Math Solutions™ is a system that puts math success at the fingertips of students and prepares the way to make math meaningful and enjoyable for both teachers and students.