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Richard Garcia

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Basic Math Solutions makes math crystal clear and amazingly easy.

My name is Richard Garcia, developer and creator of Basic Math Solutions. I am happy you found your way here.

Here at Basic Math Solutions kids get more than just a textbook approach to math, they get a personal tutor to relate to. I take my years of tutoring even learning handicapped kids to successfully achieve math proficiency for every student. After your child is a few lessons into learning this new way of doing math you may hear them say, “Hey, math is easy.” I’ll bet you never thought you would ever hear that!

Delve deeper into the list of simple lessons offered here. Your student won’t be overwhelmed. Rather, he or she may become eager to learn more, that is what our experience is. Lessons are personally rather than mechanically delivered.

There is no secret to Basic Math Solutions. It is an approach, based on the philosophy, “math is learned best when it is hands-on.” Kids are carefully and thoughtfully guided toward finding answers and not just told to memorize 253 math facts. The methods employed give kids a way to solve any basic math problem. The easy-to-follow steps make finding answers to problems a snap.

Prerequisite skills are embedded in the methods. This allows kids to work on any basic math skill without having to wait until one set of skills is learned. A fifth grader does not need to wait until he or she knows his or her multiplication facts to simplify fractions. He or she can move right in and learn. Math facts are learned in the process.

Kids can go from one skill to another with ease because relationships among the four operations of basic math readily become apparent, and this allows kids to move quickly into more complex forms of math. Kids can work interchangeably or can focus on one skill depending on the need and interest of the learner.

The lessons provided are riddled with examples so that kids are not left to wonder what to do next. Lessons are methodically and carefully demonstrated so that kids can easily learn the skills they need. Kids can start at any place in the basic math spectrum in order to compete with their peers in the area of basic math including fractions and even algebra.

Students tell me, often for the first time, that math is understandable, fun, and more importantly, doable! You will agree that math is easy to do and understand after you view the variety of lessons provided to you at Thanks for joining us as we continue to discover what math is all about! Join now to learn more.

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