Thanks to Mr. Garcia and his math techniques, my daughter had the highest math growth in her classroom this past year. I asked Mr. Garcia to tutor my daughter after seeing how his methods work in the classroom. Kids were engaged and knew what to do. I have recommended Mr. Garcia and his math program to my family, friends, and teachers who have children with math difficulties.

Sincerely, Sandra Madrigal- Special Education Aide – Parent

This innovative method of teaching math has proven to be a success with my students with disabilities. The simplicity of this strategy allows teachers to implement this method with ease.

Melanie Bengal- RSP Teacher

Our grandson who was in 6th grade this year was getting an ‘F’ in math. During the six months Mr. Garcia worked with him, our grandson gained confidence and learn the skills to raise his grade to a B. We are grateful for the help he received from Mr. Garcia and his methods.

Sincerely, Felipe and Cora Delgado- Grandparents

Richard and his workshops provide wonderfully creative ways of looking at, learning, and understanding math concepts … what can be complex in today’s challenging classroom environment, becomes simple, engaging and eye-opening when viewed through the lens that “Basic Math Solutions” (Richard) provides … based on common sense and practical applications gleaned through years of classroom experience, his strategies are very applicable in today’s schools … you can’t go wrong by attending one of his sessions …words to describe…

“Unique” “Creative” “Effective” “Engaging” “Practical” “Learningful”

Barry Tambara – Coach
Associates in Learning and Leadership (A.L.L.), Former Faculty – UCLA School Management Program (SMP), Former Director of Curriculum and Instruction – San Bernardino County Supt. of Schools Office, Former School Site Principal and Teacher

My very shy and mildly autistic son, who had difficulty with math, attended Foster Elementary School from 3rd to 6th grade. Through all that time, I saw a big change in him and all thanks to the person I call my Angel from Heaven, Mr. Garcia. Now he is loving and understanding mathematics. Thank you Mr. Garcia for what you have done.

Always grateful for having you as my son’s teacher.

Lourdes Bustamante- Parent

Mr. Garcia’s approach in teaching math is fun and catches his student’s attention. Before my daughter took his class, she did not look forward to doing math. After 4 months with him, my daughter looks forward to doing math and has a positive attitude. We don’t know what we would do without him! Thank you Mr. Garcia!

Mrs. Mutka- Christ Lutheran School

Over one year ago, my husband and I attended a few of Mr. Garcia’s workshops. His enthusiasm and passion for teaching math to kids was transparent and genuine. He breaks down and simplifies as much as possible, so that the kids understand. His approach has changed my daughter’s perception of math. Now she looks forward to his class and states “math is fun”. We are grateful to Mr. Garcia for all he has done for our daughter.

Sincerely, Maria Arana- Parent

Hi Richard,

I just wanted you to know that your philosophies have made a difference with us at Voorhis (school). I was sharing with one of my third grade colleagues how you extend the answers in each operation to the fullest extent with your students. As a result, she went home and created the attached form that we now use regularly with whatever operation/standard we work with, especially with word problems. This is an area that many children struggle with on tests.

As always, I am a faithful follower of your techniques!

Sandy Schustz- Teacher

My 4th grade daughter has been receiving tutoring from Mr. Garcia for almost a year. She had good grades in math, but didn’t really understand the concepts. Homework was a struggle and would take hours. She was frustrated and lacked confidence. Since working with Mr. Garcia her confidence is back. She enjoys math now and now longer struggles. His patience and techniques help kids really understand math concepts so they make sense.

Mary Beth- SDC Teacher-Parent
Wally, Sonia, Margie, Thematic, Dylan’s mom, Malachi, Cassie.