Number Manipulation Mat


Students use this mat to develop the concept of division. The relationship between division, multiplication, addition and subtraction is discovered as they select a number of dots to divided into equal groups.

Students draw a line around a select number of dots. Then they divide it up into equal groups. The result is the number of equal groups formed along with any remainders that may be found showing the link between division, multiplication, addition and subtraction.



(Images may be discolored.)

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Number Manipulation Mat- Laminated, Double-sided


  • A set of up to 81 dots are provided for students to use to divide up into equal groups.
  • Boxes and blanks are provided for students to fill in to complete math expressions.
  • Students are able to show mathematical expressions in a variety of forms.
  • Students will be able to use simple counting skills to gain an understanding of a variety of basic math operations.
  • On the flip side, students draw out their own dots and complete number sentences on blanks provided.


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