Cameron’s Story

“Mr. Garcia, I’ve got some exciting news – my son was walking around the house yesterday telling us that he no longer has to say…

‘There’s a reason they call math a problem!’

As Cameron’s mother Nicole told me the news, there was joy and passion in her voice.  But she certainly hadn’t felt that way when I first met her.  Two months earlier, Nicole had enrolled her son in our summer academy and he was entering 5th grade in the fall.  Cameron was really struggling.  Because he was so far behind in math, his mother signed him up for both the 4th and 5th grade classes.

One of Cameron’s biggest obstacles was his inability to remember all of his multiplication facts, which kept him from doing well on tests.  So I immediately got him to start practicing a technique that I’ve used with many children who’ve found themselves in a similar predicament.

The technique worked like magic.

In the weeks that followed, Cameron’s frustration with math gradually disappeared as his accuracy improved.  The simple method he learned made an enormous difference in his attitude.  It also made a huge difference in his overall performance in school. write my essay

Nicole wrote me the following email shortly after her son began the 5th grade:

“Thank you.  It’s so nice when you have a child who is given the ‘secret’ to learn and runs with it.  You see a happier, more confident child, what every parent wants.  He no longer says, ‘There’s a reason they call math a PROBLEM!’”

Cameron is now in middle school, and Nicole recently told me that he’s getting A’s and B’s in all of his classes.  “I credit this to what he learned from you,” she said with a grateful smile.  “And I will always be grateful for your help!”

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