The Basic Math Solutions Approach

My students went from far below basic to proficient or advanced proficient in less than ten months!

This is how I did it. I used circles and dots to teach kids how to solve basic math problems. This simple strategy led me to develop a system to get students to do math with amazing speed and accuracy. Students who were stuck because they did not know their math facts began to use this system to become successful in math.

Many students are not able to do basic math because they do not know basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. This deficiency, according to researchers, is an indicator of math difficulties throughout a child’s education. This does not have to be the case! The system I have developed bridges the gap between math success and failure.

I found a way to make students successful at math and at the same time create the ability for them to learn math facts. The secret is in getting students to do math as opposed to just memorizing math facts.

By doing math, brain structures are prepared for students to assimilate math facts. Basic Math Solutions™ is a system that puts math success at the fingertips of students and prepares the way to make math meaningful and enjoyable for both teachers and students.