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Here is what I discovered: we (parents, teachers) think our kids know how to count. Many don’t.

Here is how I helped students solve that problem on their own.

I instructed students to jot down an addition lesson, let’s say three (3) plus six (6)

Now there is no way for my pupils to proof whatever answer they come up with using plain numbers.

So I instructed my students to jot down, next to those numbers, the number of DOTS 3 and 6 represent.

You see numerals are an abstract — that is they represent some number.

So now our lesson might look like this:

So now I ask my students to place all of the dots where the answer should be:

And count these dots.

Now students can pencil in the correct number

Another learning strategy students can use to prove they got the correct answer is to break down the number

So I ask the students:

How many sets of three are in the above answer? 3 sets of 3

How many sets of four are in the above answer? 2 sets of 4 plus 1 left over

How many sets of two are in the above answer? 4 sets of 2 plus 1 left over

In this manner, all in one math problem, we are having students learn addition, division and multiplication.


Now students can use the dots to prove they got the right answer

When students ask me if they got the right answer, as teachers, we never want to tell them yes or no but urge them to learn to proof the answer on their own.

My answer is always: “I don’t know, let’s find out”

Use this sentence when instructing your pupils or children.